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A woman who is a daughter of God will never going to be easy but I tell you it always will be worth it.

She may not be as beautiful as the other but guys let me tell you her heart is incomparable.

Yes same as the other woman she may throw tantrums at you she may get mad at you at little things but guys its your duty to find that soft spot in her heart that will make her smile again.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Let me remind you she is the daughter of God and she deserves all in this world specially your understanding and your care.

Remember thar days youre courting her? Once you got her heart treat her as same as day one.

The flowery words you used on the times youre courting her use it again even if you already got her.

Youre a man. Once you throw her away once you lose care of her it also means that youre throwing away the most beautiful creation of God.

And for the my perfect imperfect one, thank you for making me feel inlove everyday. Thank you for the butterflies that youre still giving me since the first time I saw you in the door of our church up until now.

Remember this guys specially you who fell in love in a Christian lady.


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