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You came to me like a distant star

Something I have yearned from afar
Got dazed at that glow; lost in your galaxy
Fumbled at my mind; entwined in my entirety

The invisible strings I reckoned and took heart
Lurking on the idea of “us” would bind to start
Strings that came hand in hand-nothing but equals
Scarred strings I thought that belonged to mine

Musing at the ardor of your recklessly beautiful soul
The notion I held so dear of joint-strings at the ends
Sprung to life and in vigor more than it could ever haul
Feeling my wavering heart, to your perplexing compliments

As I try to untwine a seemingly parallel strings of us
May this faint heart of mine won’t ever budge
Against the lone struggle of one in heart; and thus
Play strings in syncopation, and I, take nudge

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