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Things in life are so complicated. There are things I don’t understand but I clearly see it. Yes, I like you and I love you but the reality is some people will definitely not like me because of the past choices I made. I just need to accept the fact that we are not really meant for each other. God just allows our paths to cross, so we can see the beauty of one another or perhaps learn from one another but however it is I’m still grateful that I’ve known you thank you for being such a good friend to me. I’m also praying that you will find the man that will appreciate your inner beauty. You are beautiful inside and out continue seeking God in your life because knowing God is the greatest adventure we could ever have.
I pray that God will help me to accept things and that God may help me to move forward and believe in Him that greater things are yet to come. His plans are always better than ours.

These past few days honestly I felt downcast. Knowing that we are not meant for each other it makes me weak but thank God He reminded me that he loves me more than I love you. I remember that even in this aspect of my life He is sovereign, and He is absolute in control. Oh, soul why are you downcast put all your hope in Him.

What is most important in this situation it helps us to grow closer to Him and trust in His ways. Thank you for the friendship lets put our faith in Him. Sometimes it is so tempting to do things on our own hands but these things will become nothing if we don’t glorify God in this aspect. Doing this thing indicates that I love God more than I love you. You are so precious to God that I don’t want to break His heart just to be with you. God said to me, “I love her more than you love her.” I stopped beating the odds and I surrender in His will because now I’ve understood that God Himself will make a way if we are meant for each other. We just need to surrender and trust in His ways.

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