I should act like I am not getting all those kilig feels whenever you are teasing me. Like I am not affected to your simple gestures that made its way to my heart.

I should never act like I am very desperate to get your attention and unseememingly distance us two from the whole crowd. I should never act like you treating me out is a big deal.

But I should also act like I never want any of your attention when I always crave for it. Act like being beside you means nothing when it gives me everything.

Yet I should never act I am happy whenever you block those talks that pair you up with another girl. Never act like I am waiting for you to step up your game and ask me to take it to another level.

Because I am your friend…

I should act tough and sarcastic to every words you say in order to block those unwanted feelings. I should be your friend, with no other intentions, no assumptions, no expectations.

You see me as a friend so I should stay as it is and act like I would never fall for you even if I did.