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Your Mom told me that she likes me and if given a chance to be your girlfriend.

But I’m committed and you are taken.

Your mom and I are not close but somehow we’re friends.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

You captured my attention right away when she talk a lot about you,

On how you are so close and sweet to her.

She is so proud to have a son like you.


I truly admire you for taking care of your mother since she is a single mom.

She said you never give her a headache.

Well, I see you really such a good son.


I heard you love God.

I heard you are committed to your ministry.

I heard you love to travel.

I heard you don’t smoke.

I heard you just drink alcohol occasionally.

I heard you are a responsible man.

And I heard you really love your girlfriend.


I can say that the characteristic that you have is the one that I prayed for,

The man I want,

And the man of my dreams – a loving son to his parents.

I liked you since then,

I want someone like you but not you,

Because you are already taken and that is the saddest part

And I don’t want to mess up with your good life.

So I’m just here sincerely happy for you.

Praying that someday God will give me someone maybe not you but like you.

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