I Lost My Heart In 2016


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Five minutes before midnight
As the sky awaits for new year that night
Shaded by umbrella we braved the rain
I stared at you and I saw your pain

Your eyes spoke of a thousand promise
Of the things I cannot fathom, an eternal abyss
It holds the things I fear the most
That I urge time for a screeching pause

Nervously I compose myself
I will my heart to return in its shelf
Indeeed, pain is frightening and haunting
So I ask myself if this is worth fighting

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Slowly I stared at the sky with gladness
Added with loneliness and sadness
for this feeling will  surely cause us to tear
the  very friendship we forged with our peer

Forgive the emotions freed from their cages
When they spoke of the thing I kept in ages
It was never meant to happen
It was never meant for my heart to open

So, excruciatingly I severed our ties
I shot your heart with my lies
I run and hide my silent cries
constantly haunted by your hooded eyes

Flowers wither and  leaves decay
My solace relies on the end of each day
For how can you call this living
If I’m still stuck here dreaming
Constantly deliberating
the feelings I ended up killing

Regrettably I now admit,
that in my life I did commit
an act fueled by my own fear
I had ruined us with my own spear

My heart was lost but I continue breathing
When you left I no longer hear it beating
It has been with you all along
It was meant to be where it belong

Shamefully I now pronounced
I did shred our hope til it’s last ounce
So my life has been but a mere routine
Since I lost my heart in 2016

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