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I will stop loving you not because I gave up, but to help myself recognize the significance of my Lord’s will.

I will stop loving you for the sake of my own growth, to think what is best for me.

I will stop loving you for I found that loving you at this season and those things that I’ve done are all in vane?
Yes! It was all vanity outside of God’s plans for me.

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I will stop loving you, yet I will not stop praying. Praying for His will and not my own will. To see what God wants for me so that if His time comes I can give all of me to you for it is according to His will.

For now, I will stop loving you. I will flee from all the things that can satisfy my flesh. I will pursue purity, not for you, but for my God so that I will be able to give you the best me. If I know that my God and I are intimate.

I will stop loving you and allow God to make me whole, to keep me pure, to be faithful because unloving you is the best way to love you in the future.

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