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I wrote your name on paper.

I don’t usually write a name repetitively unless you are someone special—you are on my mind.

I never see it coming.
I never expected to be in this situation (again).
You are the least person (I thought) I would do this for–I would fall for.
I never see you as someone I could spend my time with.
I never find myself looking for you when you’re not around.
I never see you then.

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But it changed months ago.

You are now that someone I have to stare a lot and appreciate the whole being of you.
You are that someone I look for when you are not around.
I am now finding myself thinking of ‘i miss yous’.
Yes, I never see it coming.
I didn’t foresee that you will be part of my daydreams, that you will my late night thoughts.

Now, it just happened.

This means a lot to me.
It’s been a long time since I’ve written someone’s name on paper sheets—to waste those back pages of my notebook.
It is kinda special to me.
It is kinda new (again) for me.


This isn’t good for now.
Yes, just for now.
I will just appreciate you from a distant.
I have to handle this heart and secure yours also.

So, to you my unexpected someone, you are just simply amazing with all your ways.
For now, I will just keep writing your name on my paper sheets.
Just for now.

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