If it wasn’t for Him


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Without brokenness I will not experience wholeness,

Without suffering I will never feel the greatest joy.

If I didn’t know I was not enough, I will not realize that You are enough.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

If I didn’t know You, I will never know myself.

But You knew me all along – the broken me, the me who suffer, the me who constantly fall short. And yet, You still choose to love me before I even love you.

Before I even learn to love myself.

Your grace has found me in the dirt, washed me white – over and over again.

Your love healed my deepest scar.

Your love reassures to heal my future wounds.

The love that can both accept and transform.

The love that can be seen not just by opening my eyes but my heart.

The love that we all need.  

If it’s not because of Jesus, I will not be set free.

If it’s not because of His love, I will never know how to love.

If it’s not because of Him, I will never survive.

But He doesn’t only want us to survive – He wants us to live.



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