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Everyone has his/her own struggle daily. There are people who live a really blessed life, there are people who live just a normal life, and there are people who live an unfortunate life. I know you’re already thinking where you can categorize yourself but here’s a thing, regardless of what status you have in life, everyone gets exhausted but there are lots of reasons that you need to think about before giving up but here’s some of mine to share:

1. If you are feeling tired of your life, just breathe and take a breakWhether it’s for a short term or a long term, TAKE-A-BREAK. You are the only one who knows your soul and your body. You are the one who drives and knows your wheels. If you think you need a longer break, do it as much as you need to.

2. Before giving up, just think why you started. In the first place, you know why you started what you are doing and how could you be in your position right now without that thought? You know your purpose in life so, you believed in the thought of starting whatever position and wherever situation you are right now. So, don’t give up.

3. Focus on the result. Look! You won’t risk or go for something without knowing what you can get and what could be beneficial in the future. I know you did not spend a lot of time for nothing and I know you did not use a lot of energy for nothing. Believe that you can make it as long as you keep your eyes on the prize. Trust me, we will all get there including me.
4. Trust yourself. In order to go through everything, it has to start from within. You know your capabilities. You just have to release all good things that you have in you by going through the struggles. You were not sent to where you are right now if you cannot make it. Just believe in the process.

I tried blogging because it could possibly —and hopefully help those who are feeling down as I believe that we should lift each other up.

 Those are the four thoughts that I could think of and if you feel like sharing, the freedom wall via the comment section is open to release what you feel. 

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