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They always say that when your friend gets tired of you, it’s more painful than a break up. I didn’t actually care about that until now.

You get tired of me, aren’t you?

I now regret that I am the type of person who gets attached too much and easily.

Everytime that we will had small fights, i will always say that it’s okay. Do you know why? Because i don’t want to be alone. You’re with me within that many years that i have already depended on you. And you’ll just leave? Do you know that, that time, i pity myself for being always dependent on people, knowing that they will also leave. I will cry everytime i can’t do something because there is just only me.

But thank you. Because of that, i learned to do things on my own. And of course with God’s guidance. I learned to depend not on people but on God. I’m praying for your happiness, health, and pure love. For me, you will always be my friend.

You made me realize that sometimes, losing someone who were a part of me was a great opportunity to focus on myself more.

Indeed, you proved to me that i can go out of my comfort zone. You proved to me that depending on people will only hurt me. You made me depend on God in a much deeper way. Thank you.

I’ve found my true ‘Proverbs 17:17’ friend in Him. And i know that He will always be that friend of mine.