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“I’m Jealous of the Way, You’re Happy without Me”

Hindi ko alam kung ano ang nagpapasaya sa’yo ngayon
Or safe bang sabihin ang salitang, “Sino?”
Our lovestory ended up on something different
Nothing special, a tragic one
Of all those designed lovestories whom authored by GOD
Napasama tayo on a, “somehow went a distance”
“Just ended too soon to be a fairytale,” level

I’m just curious, what if nagkaroon kaya tayo ng continuation?
But it happened, we need to do what GOD exactly wants to be done
Siguro, we are destined to be separated
Excited pa din naman ako if, “for now” ang separation
Nakakalungkot lang na isipin, “for good” na ang lahat
A way too heavy for an expectation
A much better way for an acceptance

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I never questioned HIM sa nangyaring tragedy
Indeed, it was still a beautiful lovestory
But and just ended not on the right track
Sa outcome na sana at ini-expect nating mangyari
More than enough, to be considered as a blessing
Ou, a cinematic blessing for both of us
It’s just that, wala nang sequel na magaganap
To follow the “blockbuster” movie na both of us were the characters

After years of making great things possible
We both agreed to separate ways for doubtful reasons
Yet and still, I’m questioning every details of that phrase
Whom, did change me kung paano ko tingnan ang sarili ko
Am I a failure to everybody?
Am I enough as a man rather than being a person?
Have you made the right decision?
Have I made the right acceptance?

I’m jealous of the way, you’re happy without me?
Ou naman, lugar ko dati kasi ‘yun
I thought it was irreplaceable and irrevocable
But then again, nasanay ako sa mga bagay na temporaryo
Nakalimutan kong wala palang permanente sa mundo
I was stagnant but lucky enough to survive
Hindi ako umabot sa “timeline” na ipinakita mo
Hindi ka umabot sa “finish line,” ‘di ka nakarating

I’m jealous of the way, you’re happy without me?
Ou naman, as I recalled every details of you
I’m still praying for you, na sana lahat ng bagay ay ibigay ng mundo sa’yo
Though it’s unforgivable for me na umalis ka
But I guessed, that’s the only option left for you
Though life gives you million reasons to stay
Still, you have chosen that one and only reason to leave

I’m jealous of the way, you’re happy without me?
Ou naman, but this time, with a smile on my face
With thousand reasons to celebrate…”you’re happiness”

It’s hard for me to say
I’m jealous of the way
You’re happy without me…

Original Version: Labrinth
Audition Version: Josh Daniel

Photo by: Google on Display

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