In my dream, you were with me


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I woke up today remembering the dream I had last night.

You were with me, lying in our stomach. You suddenly asked me… “Was there someone knew about it?” Me replying with “About what?” Then you looked at me saying with low voice. “About us.” I looked at you and said… “There was. What about it? What’s your plan?” Then you didn’t answer and just keep looking at me.

Then I suddenly remembered your tweet before I sleep that night… “Should I give it a try???” That phrase unconsciously stuck at the back of my head and made part of that dream.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

The weird part of the dream is, there are bunch of white puppies around the house we stayed in. And suddenly, a police having your personal details came and asking if I were with you and if we were having a romantic relationship. I straightforwardly answered…

“Yes. He was with me but we don’t have any romantic relationship.”

This dream made me confused. I thought I’m done with overthinking. Why should I be thinking of you when you were not thinking of me? Why I am being like this? Why I made myself suffer more? Where in the first place, I want everything to be normal again — being close friends like before. But why the thought of “we should give it a try” keeps bothering me?

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