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As time passes by, humans become emotional.
And sometimes, they don’t act rational.
So thoughts come to mind thinking, “what’s best for me?”
Then their inner self answers “Best be lonely”

Our actions are dependent on who we are supposed to be.
But from a little misshape, only then will they judge discriminately.
And for those who are deemed unfairly,
Would likely be sent down in anxiety.

Insecurities go and insecurities come.
Then a dark state would be their home.
A set of confusion bursts into one’s mind,
That would lose his own emotional and mental lifeline.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

No one can escape the darkness that resides.
As long as we are humans and act as humans.
Then this essence that drives us inside,
Would stay in our bodies to bloom in.

When people look at us in a poor state,
They label us as failures.
It may be true that we have failed,
But our humanity is still in high rate.

We try our best for people to see our smiles,
No matter how much pain we face.
But whatever is happening is worth enduring,
For what comes next is worthwhile.

So let us look into what’s inside,
And let the light of the people be our guide.
To see how much we have tried,
To conquer the darkness that reside.

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