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Dating costs a lot of peace especially when a person is not into playing mind games.
A guy asked me if we could be friends and he’s hoping for more than friends. He said he like me and fell in love with me after our first encounter years ago (2nd encounter was on our first date this year).
It came to a point that it slipped me off my way,
It shifted away my focus on what matters.
I had to do something.
I had to get out of that phase it was either to stop it or move on to the next level and put a label on it. I decided to support him in whatever challenges we will be facing. He can focus on his work and I can focus as well on my work while supporting and allowing each other to grow.
After 2 months of talking and 3 dates, I asked him “the question”. He said it was too fast and too busy at work. After several days, he ghosted me. I got an answer and got my peace back. Well, another self-healing journey.

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