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It is all by His grace and His ways.

I just want to share how I met my betterhalf through Boiling Waters.

This pandemic is the most unexpected event that happened this year. It closed a lot of doors and also opened greater opportunities for some. It may not be the best year for most of the people, but I can attest that this is indeed my year. Late March, I came to know this man through this page. Whenever Boiling Waters post something, I would always share my thoughts about it, especially when I can relate to it. He noticed my comments and he got interested so he added me up after reading through my profile. I accepted him after checking up his profile as well. He is the only one I accepted among all those who added me up and same thing goes with him. Since then, we became friends and we did not stop chatting. To cut the story short, we became an item after three months. I admit that I fell in love with him because of his sincerity and seriousness. I then remember my prayers seven years ago and they were answered through him. A man after God’s own heart, a man of few words but can stand on it, an independent and a very responsible individual at work and on his own. I am not lucky to have him, but so blessed to be loved by him. He is the only man who captured my family’s favor and whom they trust so well. They blessed our relationship and they entrusted me to him. Six months after, last Christmas, we became engaged in a very simple way and we will tie the knot on our first year.

Thank you so much, Boiling Waters for being God’s channel of blessing. If it weren’t for this page, I don’t know how will our paths cross.

Our love story is quite unsual for us since we do not really believe in lovers fell in love through social media, but here we are and so in love with each other and will get wed in few months time. All I can say is that this is all by His grace and His ways.

Thank you to you as well, Jowel, my future husband, for believing that God is indeed the best in making things possible, especially in creating our love story through this page. I love you and I will always will. To Him be all the glory, honor and praise!