It didn’t happen overnight.

It was a long process…

of crying

asking myself

losing my self-esteem

lowering my standards

of crying again…

forcing people to stay in my life

losing people

convincing myself I derserved every heartache I’m experiencing right now

of finally realizing all of these are entirely false

I woke up one day telling to myself that the love I deserve the love I always give to every man I met. I needed that self-love and only then I realized that I am worthy to be loved by myself.

I started going out alone, treating myself to nails salons, buying new books to read, eating alone in a cafe and more.

I found peace in being alone.

I found solitude.

I loved the feeling.

I then promised to spend more time, care and love to myself cos I deserve it.

I absolutely 💯% deserve it❤️