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How about we flip the other side of the coin?

How about we try to be empathic and see things from the other person’s perspective?

I get that you got hurt. That’s fine. No one will judge you for bawling your eyes out because that’s usually a person’s initial reaction to pain.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

While you cry your heart out, have you ever wondered what it would be like with the other person involved?

I am a woman and I am biased most of the time. When I got a broken heart, I got selfish and tended to just myself. I didn’t care about anything else but my emotions. I had to keep it all in. I had to learn how to make things better – on my own. I believed no one will pick me up but myself. All of these were valid, yes, and I told myself I don’t need to feel guilty that I had to take care of myself when I should.

But as you mature, you’d become more considerate about other people. You’d start to think of things you never thought you will. One thing I have found when I tried self-discovery is empathy. So many questions have been answered. In fact, the answers have been there all along.

You’d find yourself forgiving the person who once hurt you. You’d find yourself thinking about how it was with the other person too. Was he just as hurt as you were? Did he have to go through the same pain as you did? Did he also have to live day by day like how you did it too?

You were not the only one who got hurt in the process. Think of what he had to go through because there is no comparison on the level of pain you both felt. You got hurt and he did too.

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