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I had fixed my eyes on you, only you all these years.

That’s why I decided to pursue you.

You certainly possesed the qualities of being a “Dalagang Filipina”.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

You don’t go posting so much stuffs on social media.

You are demure, quiet, reserved, poised. A brainy one yet, slow on my jokes. That’s what I liked the most about you.

You’ve inspired me a lot, not in a romantic way but,

On a life-changing perspectives.

You’ve made me grow.

You’ve made me love what I hated.

You’ve made me experienced a huge epiphany in my life.

My mourning turned into dancing because of you.

You are the very definition of a perfect wife material, anyone could have.

It was all going well until,

reality struck us.

We weren’t ready yet.

There are still vast amount of things needed to be done for both of us. Our silly minds thought that was it.

But it’s not.

So, we had to put a dot on it.

We chose to stop.

We chose the tears over our smiles.

We chose the responsibilities and burdens over our comfortabilities.

We chose to let go of one another.

Before we even started, we decided to end it.

It wasn’t the outcome that we wanted,

but maybe it is what we needed.

And If God will permit,

perhaps someday we could give another shot.

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