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It’s been a year.

A year of staring at you from a far.
A year of cheering for you in silence.
A year of keeping how proud I am with your achievements.
A year of wanting to comfort you everytime you are sad and give you solace when you are in pain.
A year of accepting that, yes, I like you and never denying it to myself anymore.
You don’t have any idea how much I have been caring for you and how long I have been keeping this feeling for you.

Your simplicity and amazing heart captured me in all angles.
However, despite of this feeling, after a year,
I will still not tell you that I like you nor will I ever pursue you.
It’s my joy to pray for you, seeing you happy and joyfully serving our Living God.
And that is enough for me.
I know that God will grant your heart’s desires.
When each of these desires comes, I will be rejoicing with you.
I do not know where this affection will lead me, but I trust God’s love will show me.
Keep Serving Him.
Keep obeying Him.
Keep the faith.
See you around. ☺️😅🤪

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