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To all the girls out there,

ho showed that they are the best

and give tons of love and care.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

But was never enough to someone,

who thy dreamed. 

They only wish one true love, but their feelings were never reciprocated

by someone who doesn’t know 

how to be contented.

They had a beautiful soul,

and always says beautiful things.

However, their heart was left




with agony and pain.

Yet, they are strong enough

to stand again

and endure the memories

left hunting the pain. 

The tragedy leaves a trace behind

a scar,

in every chamber of their heart

but, they are so classy and dauntless

they always carry the smile

to wipe away the burdens o

of the past.

It was the saddest goodbye

never said,

never explained.

Walks away leaving behind

sadness and grief.

An unrequited love after all,

melancholic story

aye so blue.

But girls always remember

you are a shining diamond. 

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