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i asked you “where?”
you mouthed “there”
the walls i pointed out
the ropes you rolled it up

the walls were familiar
and quite peculiar
but it was old enough
to know that it has always been there

now, you left the ropes
and led me somewhere else
but i did not ask why
i only knew i had to wait

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

you stopped suddenly in front of a cave
you went in, i saw it mightily
you gave me a hand and nodded once
scared, i took the risk

while i stepped inside, doubts echoed
you realized i did not tell you
the moment i stepped beyond the line
gone were the days of a hasty mind

whilst deep inside i badly want to blame you
like you could have given me the ropes instead
and not be lost in the thread
it kept hitting me back like this:

why in the first place did i follow you when you never asked me to?

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