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It’s very hard for us to let go the person we really love so much even that person bring us so much pain because we always push to ourselves that we can’t live without them, that you are happy with them even they always break your heart. But I tell you this one day you’re going to realize that happiness was never about love that you can get from them or being in a relationship. Happiness was never about staying with them. One day you’re going to see it that was always about discovery your worth to God. One day you will understand your worth and your purpose. One day that God will show you, your reasons why you are here in this world not to please everyone to stay and love you forever but to serve Him to seek Him first and to love Him with all your heart. Just be faithful, use your talent for His Glory, lift your hands for Him, Shout to the world that He is your saviour and He is all your need. And I promise you, you will be happy and contented with your life with His arms. God loves you so much! ❤️ -Krystyn Yerro

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