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You are the first person I ever courted in my life. I want to build my dreams with you and set my goals in life, you are my inspiration.I remember when we first met, nothing compares you to me like a newly-bloomed flower in a beautiful spring season. You are the first girl I wanted in my life.


I’m so blessed I’ve met you in my life.You made me really happy yet at the same time you made me really sad.Do you do that on a purpose just to keep it balanced? That you set boundaries because you don’t believe in fate but you choose to believe in destiny?

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To my ideal girl, maybe it is not what I wanted to happen right now.I’d showed you my feelings and at that time you told me your not ready, I acted like a child being stubborn and disappointed. I know you find yourself in that situation uncomfortable.I’m sorry.It’s not your fault in the first place.


I guess this is the time for me to move forward. I let time what really decides what is the best for us.I’m still hoping that when it comes, we both meet on the same end.I pray for your happiness always, your success, and by the time when your ready, God will make a way to show you the right person what you truly deserve, and that is me.


Thank you.


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