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I’ve been always listening to a particular song. This song is actually my daily lift and boosting my capability to work harder and be inspired.

Someone gives the best music to me so far. First stanza, chorus, second stanza, bridge and chorus. The anatomy of a song which described our short term relationship between us.

Like what happened to me recently.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

First stanza, ito yung part ng song na ipinapakilala nya yung sarili nya, the part which you intent to pay attention in order to know about what’s the message all about. Like first time I met her. Yung pinapakilala nya sarili nya, how beautiful she is. Without an effort nagagawa nyang maging maganda. Para bang isang indie music na underrated, maganda pero konti lang nakaka-alam, and I’m one of the few na ma-swerte na kaka-alam about sa kanya. Like the first stanza, nag pakilala sya sakin and my attention already caught by her. The music was so outstanding kahit na first stanza pa lang and it makes you more curious about whats the message of the song really all about.

The chorus part. For me the chorus is the heart of the music. And actually for me one of the peak of the song. Which you can felt the emotions. Ito yung moment na we are in deep conversation, all emotions showed up. Her crucial, sorrowful and colorful past were actually known to me. And this is the moment na we exchanged emotions a lot. Transparency is present to us. You can tell the Intensity of the moment. Like you want now to dig deeper about the message of the song.

Second stanza, this is the moment which you’ve already know the sense of the music. Like you know a lot about the message pero hindi mo ititigil ang music, but choose to continue listening to it, kasi you want to know more about it that you dig more to it. The moment which emotions so deep na para bang nakaka-sanay na. We chatted every day and night like its normal routine. Ito yung moment ng song na comfortable ka na and without knowing, hooked ka na.

Second Chorus. This is the part of song na you’ve already made up your mind na “This song is going to be my favorite”. You put it into your ” My favorite” playlist. You want more about this song so you decided to personally checked whose the song writer behind it. Like what I did. This feeling so lovely, so I intended to meet her in person. You’ve already heard the chorus but this time it hits you differently. You already know about her but felt it is not yet the complete story that makes you crave more about it. Enchanting moment because you thought you know more already about her. That was the best peak moment of my life so far.

Bridge, maybe this is the part of a song which you feel the emotions were so intense that leaves you hanging into questions. This is maybe the moment na kumukuha ng bwelo ang kanta to get ready for more. Like what felt to her. I feel the feeling was so mutual. Like there’s more to go. We can make go deeper than this. Sobrang normal nang feelings like it will last forever.

Last Chorus, maybe some of the music ganito ang format. Yung magtatapos sa chorus. Yung sobrang intense na. You are so in love with the song that you want to make it as your daily lift and part of your life. You are at the highest peak of the moment which you are ready for everything. Like you are ready to confess that she is the one who makes you smile at the and of the day.  You already get the meaning. And a new perspective was added unto you when you utterly think about her.


But, like of the other music. It has an ending.

As the music fades away, the tune was unlikely before, the last string was strum, the final melody was about to fade.

I love how the music works on me. Too much memories and familiar emotions can surely strikes back and hit you again. The nostalgic moments, the melody of yesterday, hoping that it will happen again.

Yes, you can listen to this music again like what I did. I always going back to the conversations we had before.  You are the music I want to listen all day long. You can play it on repeat just to feel what you’ve felt before. The music that changes a lot of things in me.

You are surely the best music I’ve ever heard so far.

I just want to say that you’re my favorite music and you have a special place to my heart. Putting you into “My favorite” playlist and guess what, you  are the only music on that playlist. I’m thankful that I know a person like you. You introduce me a music that never has an ending. The music that I can play on repeat all day.

Well, I’m just a fan of your music, I don’t own you. Maybe there is someone listening to you  too. But I’m glad that I’ve heard you. You will be one the greatest music on me. Thank you for the music you made.


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