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You are allowed to leave any story you don’t love yourself in. A story where in you know you will never find your worth and your value— leave them. You are allowed to leave a story that will make you believe that you are hard to love and your flaws and imperfections are the ones who will define your totality.

You are allowed to quit the job that you hate, that you don’t find yourself fulfilling. A job that does not match the potentials and the creativeness you have within. You are allowed to search for something that will squeeze your talents and feel the passion that you are always looking for.

You are allowed to let toxic friends go. You are allowed to get away from all the negativity and false pretenses. You are allowed to surround yourself with positivity, acceptance and most of all, love. Remember that you do not have to please anybody, you do not have to be somebody else just to meet their standards and the qualifications they set. Live freely, life is so much better if you will set them free.

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You are allowed to leave half-given-love. Remember that there will always be someone who will surely and confidently tells you that they love you despite and in spite of. There will be that someone who will never give up on you no matter how difficult situations may be. There will always be that someone who will never let you sleep doubting where you are exactly standing in their lives.

You are allowed to set yourself free from all your own expectations. You are allowed to move forward when the things you hope are not moving to their proper places, you are allowed to stand up once again from all the failures and unmet opportunities that you have let go.

You are allowed to forgive your past. You are allowed to forgive yourself from all the breaking point of your life, from all the smallest to the biggest mistakes, you are allowed to make second chances and you are allowed to make a better change.

You are allowed leave. You are allowed to change your direction and start over. You are allowed to make new discoveries and meet new wonderful things ahead. Leaving can be good. Leaving can sometimes save you from staying stuck in all the wrong places and people.

Leaving opens a new door for growth, transitions and self-discoveries. Leaving gives you a chance to look for the things that will make you genuinely happy, that will make you find places where you truly belong.

You can leave and you always have the choice to change your story. 

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