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It was when the pain of rejection took over my excitement —
The pain that scurried through my bone marrows with unwanted torment.
It seemed that my clock had just ticked counterclockwise,
And the sun had just risen from west to east with its teary eyes.

It’s hard to comprehend. . .
We were best buddies, back then.
We had shared each other’s secrets, burdens, and achievements.
We had known each other very well — from our happiness and our heartbreaks.
Like tikoy, we used to stick together as very close friends for years
But distance had separated us with anguish and fears. . .

Until the day happened when we cross each other’s path again.
I was excited — yes, very excited of seeing and talking with you again.
But gloom had covered my entire self when you became a complete stranger—
A stranger who can’t even smile back nor look back to my friendly appeals.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

A stranger who still have a special place in my heart.
Our chat box and comment box went dead with memories that hurt.
This reality have torn me into pieces.
I wish this is just a fiction, a dream, where we could change places.

Hard. Really hard.
I have never been into a relationship
But this pain— equivalent to a lover’s heartbreak— is a real hardship.
I miss you.
I miss our study periods.
I miss our food bondings.
I miss the way we tease each other.

I’m clueless with what had happened.
Yes, maybe I had disappointed you.
I’m sorry. Really sorry.

Please, if you’re reading this, keep in mind that you will always have a very special place in my heart. Take care always and make God the center of everything.
Once a good friend,
Always a good friend. 😊❤💕

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