To my lover’s ex-lover,
Your memory bothers me these past few days and if ever you’re wandering, the answer is: NO, We didn’t quarreled over you. Actually, he never talked about you.

It began when our relationship got deeper and I had a chance to know him better. As I look into his eyes, I see you; I felt your grief and bleed. Whenever I make him smile it took me back to the days you were the reason of it and whenever he tells me “take care” I realized that once upon a time that it was meant for you.
I wrote this down on a selfish manner. I AM GUILTY. Guilty, thinking it should’ve been you. The one whom he relies onto building his future with. Believe it or not I feel sorry for you two not being able to worked it on. But things are different now, I am trying to convince myself that you are not in the equation anymore. Self centered as it may sound but sorry I’m not sorry for loving him. I also hope you’d never come between us. Your chance was over. Let it become a history from now on.

Lastly, please know that I will never compete with your remnants. Don’t worry I will never ask him to forget you because I know for a fact that you can never unloved a person once dearest to your heart.

At this moment, let me love him. Let us love without you.