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I will never forget that rainy, summer night when we danced to Mandy Moore’s version of “Someday we’ll know.” With your hands on my waist and my arms around your neck we wandered far off to our own universe, in sync with the rhythm, lost in the moment. Neither of us spoke a word but our eyes screamed volumes. I looked at you and I knew. You loved me, I loved you. We were happy. We were home.

Everything is a distant memory now. One day I woke up and you couldn’t be found. Our song a faint hum, played on background as I waited for you. I was a sunflower, swaying with the night breeze, happily anticipating the sun’s rays in the morning to come. I waited. But you never came back. In your silence, I found the answer.

How do you even say goodbye to someone who left without saying a word?

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

How do you forget someone who gave you so much to remember?

How do you stop dancing to the sad beat of a longing heart?

To this day our song, a faint hum, still plays on my mind:
“Someday we’ll know, why I wasn’t meant for you…”

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