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I was having a good life BACK THEN
I don’t have any problem being alone
I can do whatever I want, I can go wherever I want
I can decide on my own, I don’t need anybody to depend on
I can drink and enjoy the coffee I made for myself
I am enjoying the freedom I have
My solitude gives me peace and makes me comfortable
The world I made with high walls protected me from the people that may cause me harm and hurt
I don’t allow anybody to break that wall or try step in my zone
Because, only in my place I can find peace and I can be myself
I dont need to pretend because that is me

Yes, that was my life BACK THEN
I wish I could turn the time
I wish I could undo the things I used to do
I wish I could still visit the place I used to go
But I think, that would remain as a wish forever

As I was living a quite life with innocence
You came along and tried to join me in my world
I thought you will just come and pass by, but i was wrong
As the days goes by, our friendship goes deeper and deeper
The world where I used to live is no longer occupied with a sole person
The strong walls I built started to weaken
I willingly opened myself without you forcing me to do so
Everyday I am looking forward to see you
Everynight I am looking forward to receive a message from you

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I was comfortable back then yet being with you makes me more comfortable
I felt secured in my own world back then yet you always makes feel protected and safe
I was having a good time back then yet you gave more reasons to smile each day
Indeed, with you I am always happy
I can make my own coffee back then yet the coffee you made is more tasty and special
I always hide my emotions and thoughts within myself back then yet with you I can comfortably express my thoughts and feelings without any hesitations
I used to depend on myself back then yet you showed and proved to me that I could also depend on you at times
I was too innocent back then yet I allowed you to broke my innocence
I was too cold hearted back then yet you made it warm
It was you who thought me a lot of things
It was you who allowed me to experience new feelings

I was in denial at first
I did not acknowledge my feelings
But the more I control it, the more I become resistant
So I allowed myself to feel what I really felt inside
This was the first time I experienced this kind of feeling
But I was afraid that you might figure out my true feelings for you
I tried to stop, but I couldn’t
I know it was wrong but I still loved you anyway
I even thought that my feelings will never be reciprocated since you are not allowed to do so
But, it was the opposite that happened
It was my feelings that was reciprocated
Because back then, it was you who first fell in love with me
Our feelings were requited yet remained forbidden
Our feelings may be valid, but let’s not forget to always choose what is right and good

Now that you have became a part of my life
Now that I have learned how to love
Now that I have learned the things you’ve taught me
Can you please teach me how to get back with the kind of life I have BACK THEN?

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