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                                                                     Lessons we must learn after leaving a toxic relationship

Too much softness and kindness to others won’t really make them do the same.

Make sure you know your limits to avoid being emotionally abused.

Learn to say no to people or things that aren’t healthy for you or you might end up in misery.

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So you must learn to wisely choose what’s best for you.

Learn to be patient to things that are uncertain to come in your life that quickly.

Persistency and faith are the main rules to keep you winning in life.

Be contented in one thing and cherish every small part.

It could have been others’ answered prayer so be grateful foreverything.

Mistakes are really a part of our life but somehow we must learn how to correct them and learn from them.

Sure it would be a little too late because it already happened, but what’s important is that we gained our lesson from our mistakes to avoid doing them in the next relationship.

We can’t rush or depend our healing on others, otherwise we will end up getting hurt or maybe even hurt those who try to make you whole again. Instead we can heal ourselves on our own to transform ourselves to the best version we could be.

Lastly, in case we got broken by someone, it’s important to wish them the best instead of cursing them.

It could be the greatest kind of love you could give them despite of them hurting you.

I pray for your healing from the yearning that has shattered you.

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