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Allow yourself to be alone sometimes.
Don’t let this society dictate you of what happiness should be. Happiness is not always about flowery words. It’s not always about being with someone who will wrap their arms around you at 3 in the morning. It’s not always about having someone who will knock on your door holding flowers and asking you out. Happiness doesn’t always depend on someone.

Because happiness is about choosing yourself and allowing yourself to walk away with people who don’t allow you to grow. It’s okay to cut cords with people sometimes and that’s valid.

‘Cause real happiness depends on how you think of it. Sometimes it’s just by sitting on a corner, listening to your favorite songs, while reading books and having your favorite cup of coffee, on an afternoon breeze.

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Sometimes it’s just by watering your plants or having enough sleep.
Sometimes happiness comes in the change of atmosphere after you’re done changing your sheets and pillow cases. Sometimes it’s in the form of writing down your emotions and allowing yourself to breathe. Sometimes it goes by celebrating small successes and defeating silent battles no one knows about.

And sometimes, happiness is already in front of us waiting for us to notice. And it all starts by choosing yourself, and I hope you allow yourself to see that.

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