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Let’s be friends again.

Back on those days when were both just happy and carefree.
Back on those days when we both feel loved by each others warmth and protection.

Back on those days when you used to treat me yours, and that you are mine.
Back on those days when you wipe my tears and turn them into smile.

Although you knew how much I cared, you knew how much I loved you.
You made it clear that I’m special in some way, but that word
is not the word that I want to hear.

You made me pick myself up again,
isn’t it ironic that you would break it again?

I’m ready to for us to start again.
Without expectations, without complication.

Without the expectation and just pure acceptance
of what you and I can give.

I hope by choosing myself, I would still be able to pick
those that you break.


Let’s JUST be friends.


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