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Sometimes, we ask ourselves these “Bakit” even though some of it, we already knew the answer. I’m here to remind you those answers. 🙂 I hope I’ll give you hurtful truth slap after reading and also some advices that I know you must hear!!!

1.) Why Am I still waiting for her/his text? – There are a lot of possible reasons why.
* They’re busy working.
* They’re not interested in you. That’s why they cant even check their phones if you messaged him/her.
* They’re already texting someone more important than you.
* They don’t need something from you.
* Maybe they already saw the notification that you messaged them, but you’re not someone important so they just ignore your text.

2.) Why Am I caring for the person who doesn’t even what to know what I’m currently doing? – That person doesn’t see you as someone who they’re willing to spend their time with. That’s why they don’t even bother asking about you anymore.

3.) Why do I still think of him/her? – Because you still care. and because you still care, you are curious about them that makes you want to know more about them instead of thinking other things. and now that you’re curious, you’ll go back to your old conversation reading the promises that he’d do or reading those old conversation saying that he wants to protect you and now you’re sad there. thinking more about him.

4.) Why I can’t forget you? – Maybe you asked this already to yourself. many times. Well it simply means that you don’t want to forget that person …YET.
Before we want someone to just disappear, we want to make sure we did everything right? “At least I did everything”. Well It’s not wrong to take risks and do the first move before making big decisions. Just make sure to be prepared of the things that will happen. And if he clearly say that he doesn’t want you to become his/her partner in life then, Just accept it all. Don’t wait for that person anymore. ITS HARD to just forget about him/her because you already invested on that person. but you know what? YOU CAN. Just grieve now, but be happy later.

5.) Why me? – Have ever asked yourself “Why me?” In every situation, scenarios, event that ever happened to you. If something goes bad and different in what we expect it to be. And you’re there fixing everything, doing your best whether its about forgetting that someone, working overtime, cooking the food that you don’t even like, reading the book that you’re not really interested in, etc.
Wonder why after all of the “Why”s that you’ve asked. You’re still there. Doing great. You may not be strong one day, feeling all blue and just want to cry it all. but you’re still here. being strong. You can’t really appreciate something in your life without experiencing the PAIN first. You have to be prepared for life has many challenges prepared just for you to overcome. It’s for you to enjoy life. for you to become strong. and for you to appreciate everything.

So if you’re still asking “Why?” It means that life wants you to be prepared for something.

Be brave.


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