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In a world that’s trying to make you feel that it’s better to be a shithead or an asshole, be nice. Be warm, be compassionate. Be the better person not just for the sake of showing off as “being the better”, be understanding, be the one who gives a way. Be patient, be considerate. Be kind.

In a world where it feels like people lacks purest intentions, learn how to be genuine. Learn how to be transparent, learn how to set things straight. Learn not to deceive, learn not to confuse. Learn to open up, learn to be heard. Learn to remove those pretensions off your skin.

In a world that is full of arrogant, selfish, power-centered people, learn to be brave, sensitive, and humble. Learn to listen, learn to see others in their point of views, learn how it feels like if you were in their shoes. Learn where they are coming from. Learn not to manipulate people, their feelings, their thoughts, their actions. Learn to educate and not humiliate.

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In a world where rudeness, violence and cruelty fosters, be gentle. Be the one who cares, be the one who remembers. Be thoughtful, be generous. Be a good example. Be a role model. Be watchful over your actions, your intentions. Be apologetic. Be careful in choosing your words, be one of those who chooses to build people and not worn them apart.

In a world that’s trying to make you feel to you are unwanted, unappreciated, unnoticed, learn how to be comfortable with your own. Learn that you cannot please anybody. Learn that you cannot control how people percieve of you. Learn that you have to love your own imperfections, flaws, and scars. Learn how to embrace your entirety. Learn that the greatest form of satisfaction starts within, it starts with your innermost being.

In a world where there’s negativity, pessimism and cynicism, learn how to ignite your hope, learn to take a leap of faith. Learn to believe that it is all a state of mind, learn to believe that there are always brighter days ahead. Learn that in every sufferings, there are always a divine gift hidden within it. Learn how to uplift others and not tear them down. Learn to motivate. Learn how to encourage.

In a world trying to make you feel like you have to do all things on your own, learn to ask. Learn how to communicate, learn that no man can live alone. Learn to share, learn to look for help, for instructions and directions. Learn that we can only do so much, learn that as we get to know things, the more we know that we don’t know everything.

In a world that’s holding you back from your utmost potential and success, dare to make it. Dare to believe. Dare to make it happen. Dare to grow. People who genuinely loves you will support you in all means possible. Dare to be great, dare to get out of your comfort zone. Dare to move, dare to step up. Dare to improve little by little, dare to be what you want to become.

In a world that’s trying to change your heart and mind, learn how to fight for it. Learn how to resist, learn how to keep spreading kindness. Learn how to spread love, learn not to hate. Learn not to curse. Learn to forgive. Learn to forget. Learn that no one is perfect. Learn that people come and go. Learn to heal. Learn that we cannot seek permanence on change. Learn to avoid toxic people and situations.

In a world where fame, money and authority comes first, learn not to be overruled and consumed. Learn that nothing’s good about pride and ego. Learn to be fair. Learn that money and the love of it causes evil. Learn that in order to know someone, you have to give them power and see how they’ll treat their inferiors and not their equals. Learn how not to be abusive, learn how to not take advantage, learn how to not make others feel small, incapable and low. Learn that whatever you reap, you will sow.

In a world where we forgot who we are, learn that we are all human. Breathing. Living. Existing. We are all capable of feeling. Just in case, let’s not lose our faith and hope in one another.

Let’s make the world still a better place to live.

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