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As they say, time heals all wounds.

But in reality, we mistake time as the ultimate healer of our pain, deepest cuts, damages, and bruises. We depend on time telling ourselves we’ll get better one day and live in the hope of it.

Yes, you need time. You need time for you to realize that healing comes within yourself and it does not come from time as you expect it. Because if you will think about it, time is just beside you waiting for you to make that decision of getting and putting yourself back from the reality, from all the broken pieces of your soul, it is just waiting for you to realize that bravery is actually living inside your heart and the strength that you need is right there all along. Know that healing is a choice. It is your choice.

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Everyone is breakable, but not everyone is aware that it is their choice to stay broken. You may think that time is not doing its job for people like you who need to move on from the dark past, from those excruciating memories, from those cracks in your heart. But you have to realize that it has nothing to do with time. It has something to do with you- you who blames time for being responsible for all the misery that you haven’t been able to move on, you who depends on time to let things just flow on its own, you who just watch things how they turn themselves out. It is you, it is your choice.

You have to know that healing is within you. Healing will come if you choose it, not wait for it. Healing comes when you choose to get up in the morning believing that better days are ahead, it comes when you choose to get up in your bed and seeing the beauty of light that cracks into your window will bring positivity within your entire day, it comes when you choose to look yourself in the mirror and telling yourself being better each and every day. Healing will never require you to start big. But it will require your genuine self.

The agony, despair, brokenness, heartache will never be able to disappear in time; it will never leave you unless you choose to leave it, unless you choose to walk away from it, and unless you take that courage to face it. Time is right there and it is waiting for you to take that one step forward.

Remember, what time does not heal, you have to heal it yourself.

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