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I used to laugh out of gladness from my heart,
I used to sing with praises from my lips,
I used to dance with joy in victory,
I used to tell what it feels like to have peace I can’t compare.
But, something changed, and these things started fading away.
One compromise.
My once joy was gone,
laughter turns into silence,
praises turn into regrets,
victory turns into feeling of defeat,
and words turn into raging thoughts.
One night of silent battles became a day,
and a day became a week, and a week became a month,
’til I’m out of breath and out of reach.
Yet, in spite of these, someone holds on.
One unconditional love.
Where in the brink of shame and condemnation,
I found His constant salvation.
In a place where I see myself unworthy, it is His grace fills me sufficiently.
Now, I can rejoice in His presence again.
Becoming someone I used to be – my true identity.