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This past few weeks you became distant
to me.

I thought that you have gone through problems.

Problems that you’re the one dealing for over a year.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

A year of sadness, anxiety and uneasiness.

Those sadness and anxiety that your dealing with came to surface as you try to hide it.

It makes you feel confused,unsure about what’s happening to you.

Are you happy ? Or pretending to be happy.

As days goes by, the distance i felt from you is extending.

I came to realized what’s happening to you when you suddenly ask for space.

Space away from me, space for you to breath .

I don’t know how to react, you keep on sending me away like a stray dog.

Where was i go wrong? Did i do something to make you feel like that?

Days and weeks past by you suddenly go for a break, break to see yourself, break to love yourself, break to enjoy yourself.

And break to go with someone else.

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