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It’s me, hi. I know. I’m the problem it’s me.

I want you to know that this takes a lot of encouragement from my inner self. To write this down. Write down what I’m feeling. What are my true feelings. And to send this to you.

Read this. I’m only gonna say this once. For the past year, I have liked you. And i think maybe i like you still.

I couldn’t move on without me telling this. It’s true. I wanted to move on. Funny no? How can I move on from something that has no beginnings? Wala lang. I’m a melodramatic person. Feeling ko kasi main character ako at nagkaroon ng pang main character story ang boring kong life during the time I’m talking to you. Here. Sa DM. You might find this creepy. And probably when I look back to this day, in the future, I would also cringe.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

But I want you to know that I tried to disappear by no longer sending you messages cause I felt I’m never gonna be your type of girl. I can read between the lines. I’m not sure if I read it right. But I know you like someone else. That you have a dream girl that I would never fit in. I felt sorry that I thought I can play that part. I am an assumera nga. Diba cringey?

Lately, I think I am drawing again my attention to you. I miss talking to you even though sometimes the convos we had were just short and nonsense. Or most of the time I have to explain a joke. However I’m asking you, if you never liked how it was, please just reject me. Sabihin mo na lang sa akin na “No, I could never like you”. Para di na ako magpapansin at umasa. Please. I wanted to reserve my dignity and pride for someone who’s willing to save me from my miserable life. Kaya kung di mo ako gusto, please decline me. Mas ok yun sa akin. Kesa maging delusional ako na I could’ve a chance with you.

Please know I never did this to anyone. I never confessed to someone I liked. I never have the courage to approach someone before you. And maybe that’s because I wanted to know you more. Sorry for being too forward. Feeling ko as I grow older, I’m losing every bit of chances. So this time, I don’t want to lose that chance. I won’t wait eagerly for you respond. I lack courage to be rejected.

Now that I have sent this I may feel better. I hope you’re reading this. I asked helped from this community to publish this cause I know you follow them and like their posts a lot. Sana mabasa mo to. Sana.

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