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“In another life, I would be your girl
We keep all our promises, be us against the world
In another life, I would make you stay
So I don’t have to say you were the one that got away
The one that got away”

Little did I know that these lyrics will have an effect on me someday, not until I met you.

Have you ever wondered unexpectly that something’s lacking in you? A certain feeling of incomplete.

And later on, that incomplete feeling pointed out at your ring finger. Yes you read it right.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

A good friend of mine told me about “past life” (Hala baka kayo pala sa past life niyo!)

I didn’t take it seriously, until another friend of mine told me the same opinion.

If you ever watched Goblin (One of the best k-drama) I’ve ever watched. You will believe in past life too.

That thought made me wonder for a few days, but isn’t it too random that while your walking you suddenly felt that?

The feeling of wearing a ring for a long time and when you look at your finger, it wasn’t and never been there.

We have met in a different way. Yes, we did. I know the Lord has been testing me, but these feelings won’t go down.

Even if I wanted to stop as soon as possible, but these situations make my patience worse.

Sometimes, like randomly without any moment you will cross my mind. And without a cue, I remember you.

All of the good times we have shared from the moment we’ve been close with each other.

The “little happy memories” we’ve created together. Funny how time played on us, for being in what they call “wrong timing”.

But as I always say, I’ve learned my lesson. And I am always be grateful for that memories that I didn’t regret.

You made me feel loved, cared and cherished as a woman who never felt it before with some other guy.

I am glad that whenever we’re together, you made me feel that “size doesn’t matter”. No matter how many times we eat out.

Sometimes those chinky but wide open eyes made me feel like I am the most beautiful girl, even if when I am already FAT in my own eyes.

You’re always there whenever I’m having a bad day and cheers me up even with the corniest jokes you had.

I am still glad that I met you even if the time doesn’t come our way perfectly, that I have met a great man which I always wanted but he can’t even be mine to begin with.

That his heart has been with someone else’s for a very long time. A man who have been in a relationship but also time can’t make them together.

It never crossed my mind that I will fall for you, even our relationship is so uncertain. I just go with the flow.

Not until I got questions on my mind that only you can answer, I tried so hard to bring it up to you.

But I guess, you read my mind that I wanted to ask to. That’s why you divert my attention onto a different topic.

I hate this feeling, that why I have to fall for a wrong guy? No, a right guy in a wrong place and time.

Before, when there is a certain time that I felt like, I really like this guy. I almost pray that I wished that you were mine.

Not because of what you gave me, but because of what you did towards me. Maybe because I felt that you were the guy I am praying for.

As this “confession” / “story” ends, I do hope that In another life, I will make you stay. So I don’t have to say that you were the one that got away. . . 

Thank you for being the one in my short-lived love story, for the memories that I will never forget in my whole life.

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