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Little by little I picked up the pieces of my heart when he slipped it cause he can’t hold it tight like he promised. He told me once that his someone I can rely on and a shoulder to cry on no matter what. But in the end, he chose to prove to me I was right that someday he will get sick of my pathetic self and leave me torn to pieces.

My only wish for myself now is to find my reel Mr. Somebody Out There where I thought it was him, cause he told me that he liked me when he first saw and sat beside me on the bus, it’s like his telling me it’s love at first sight, and giving me a sign that your my Mr. Somebody Out There and you’ve been looking for me for a long time, and he’ll never gonna missed the chance to love me and never let me go. That he’s here now and ready to exist in my life. But thanks to him, he taught me that my real Mr. Somebody Out There is still out there looking for me and he is…

Someone that I can really love
Someone who would like to properly introduce me to his family, friends and co-workers
Someone I can be with, that chooses me every day and not just when he is in the mood
Someone who comes to fulfill that position when I simply chose to love me more
Someone I can dedicate my attention
Someone whose presence automatically puts me in a better mood and he understands me cause I’m a moody person
Someone I can find time to love even I have a lot in my cargo to unload cause that person is my rest
Someone who values me that would date me on time and places he promised or we’ve planned to go and never put himself in a position to lose me
Someone I can say all my dirty, corny, havey, mean, and mind-blowing jokes
Someone who is already in his best version of himself to be the one for me
Someone I can cook for his comfort food cause that’s my favorite thing to do when I show love
Someone who smiles with me and realizes halfway through how much he means to me and his existence makes me crazier and perfectly love life itself
Someone I can touch, give all my kisses, and fall for his naked soul
Someone who I would fight for no matter what happens cause he’ll do the same thing for me
Someone I can have a ride and take me way back home
Someone whose cheeks are the cutest, and I love seeing him smile cause I do love pinching things that I find cute
Someone I can be with who would fill all my CHILDISH fantasies into reality
Someone who can treat me right not just by words of promises
Someone I can merit enough all of his love cause I’m the rightful heir in the throne of his heart
Someone who can be true, sincere, and has endless empathy
Someone I may accidentally break his heart but still it can be nice and want me back
Someone whose words put my mind at rest every night, cries for me when I can’t for myself cause I already numb it for myself and shout about it
Someone I can hold and he will feel as if he is carrying the world and all the beauty in it
Someone who’s willing to drink all of me to become drunk in love even if I taste bittersweet
Someone I never want to stop
making memories with, the type of man that I should pour all my love within my heart until it runs dry
Someone who can be my man that I can prove that his intentions are pure that he can always be there as a friend also to listen to my joke, rants, and everything, that I look at and feel blessed to have him in my life cause his my Mr. Somebody Out There Who I’ve been praying for

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P.S. All I need right now is to love myself. I was ok way back then before I met him. For now, I need to bring back the old me who loves himself. The kind of love that I screwed up when I met him. And by that, I can mend my broken heart and be able to give it to the right one

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