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You’ve always loved the morning dawns…. but I am a bigger fan of sunsets’ differing hues.

You like your Milktea with those extra chewy pearls while I always order a cup of cold brew Americano.

You are fond of counting the sparkly stars, of pointing the Orion and the Big Dipper… while I simply enjoy the cool summer nights with the moon at its fullest.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

You smile while turning the pages of that book of Coelho you just bought yesterday…
while I sat beside you, focused on reading the subtitles of the anime I’ve been binge-watching for days.

Your travels are hiking the mountains I have never heard of and basking on sunny beaches,
while I’m gravitated more to busy streets, spontaneous drives and random roadstops.

I have always believed that romance and relationships should include parties having same set of ideals and principles in life… that differences could only take things complicated and ultimately, to something bad and sad at the end.

But looking at you, happily munching that slice of ampalaya you took from my plate because I have no plans of eating it… And you, dumping slices of okra on my plate because you hated it….

Maybe, being different from someone is no biggie to relationships.

Maybe love and romantic relationships are more than just couple shirts and same music genres. Maybe it’s more than just planned travels and common sweet nicknames.

Maybe, being the odd one is still acceptable and lovable.

That our cute disagreements and nerdy idiosyncrasies are still fun and healthy.

That calling each other’s first names is still romantic and affectionate.

That we are still able to find a comfortable spot and neutral grounds on the gaps we have.

That one boring person can still complete a vibrant person’s day.

That our contrasting personalities and ideas make us learn so much from each other.

You like bright sunny days… I prefer lazy rainy afternoons.

You are a rainbow of colors… I’m a panel of grays.

You are so much like Panpan, while I have the likeness of Ice Bear.

We indeed differ in so many levels, These and in so many other things…
But still I realize that I couldn’t agree better to that song of Lauv that you seem to love to sing—
I will always like me better when I’m with you.

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