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I fell in love with your kindness, your purity, your wholesomeness.
You brought light to my life, so radiant yet so warm and I feel so safe.
You moved me and erased all of my negativity that I had been through my existence.
Everything is so calm since I met you. I felt so renewed!
I always wished that I could spend a lot of time doing things I’d love to do for you, because I know, you deserve to be cherished and pampered.
I know I am not your type of man you’ve always thinking of.
Pardon me for telling so early what my are my real intentions for you. I hope what I’ve said, nor me, is stressing you out.
I wonder how you think of me. Sometimes I thought, maybe I might be stubborn or annoying that’s why I keep my distance, respect your boundaries. But even though I am not receiving the same attention as I give to you, I’m still patiently hoping and praying that someday you’ll acknowledge me, believe me, that someone who sees your worth that may others have failed to see.
You truly are an amazing woman if only you could see as what I see from you. It feels like you’re an angel, wrapped by God in that body. You’re such a good person wonderfully made by Him.

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