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I have been lost in the darkness

been searching for my way out.

I have been left in the wilderness

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been seeking your presence.

I have been lost,

been wandering.

Whom I gonna run to?


I stopped and thought

of all things that went wrong.

I listened to my heart

argued with my mind.

Should I stay or go?

My heart said, “stay”

My mind said, “go.”


I have been lost in the meadows

been searching my way out.

I saw a light that was coming

been longing for it.

I have been crying

till the last drop of my tears.

There was You, smiling.

I held back my fears.

Should I stay or go?

My heart said, “go”

My mind said, “go.”

I am found.

I am lying in your arms.

Your embraced me with life.

You have searched for me

as I wait for you.

You have long for me

as I do.

You brought sunshine

to my lonely nights.

Your eyes speaks,

and sparks like stars.

From nightmares to daydreams.

T’was a reality.


I was lost and now am found.


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