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Here’s a short poem to inspire the ladies to pray for their warrior, and to inspire everyone that we do not need to hurry or entertain every man or woman who comes along. It’s good to be friendly, but not to the point that we give everyone a chance to be involved in our emotions. We are in control of our affections and we must guard in a way to keep it pure for the one God wants it for – one day. But for now, enjoy your season of spending much time being tranformed in the loving grace of Jesus Christ, who knows exactly who we are, and what’s best for us. Invest on being a better version of yourself. Rest assured that as you wait, you are gaining the love you are about to give from the ultimate source – that is Jesus. 

Love Jesus, love yourself, you are so complete!

here it goes..

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:


My man, ma love

Where have have you been?

I’ve been doing well at life

But know that i think of you still

I’ve been praying well

That He will keep your heart still

Do well

Take care of us

I’m loving you, right here

It breaks my heart

I know

you’re looking for me too

But i need to hide myself

So i can only be found by you

I always ask God

To give you joy

When you didn’t have someone with you

I’ll help you one day

Encourage, cheer you all the way

That was my design

To pray for you so you’ll be fine

My goal to bring twinkle into your eyes

Inspire and let His light shine

I’m loving you now

Don’t worry

He’s been keeping me beautifully

Do well at life

Bring your sword

Come find me.





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