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Dear best friend, 

I saw her again today. And as You know, my heart raced as usual. I know You’re aware of the scenario like how everything stopped, my eyes fixated on the storm of her beauty, the leaves rustled on the ground and created a sweet melody that intensified the mood. It smelled like daffodils. I wonder why You always make it that way. I’ve been praying for years now, my Lord. Thank You for protecting her and keeping her smile the brightest in the universe. Wait, have You seen her hair? It was twisted like vines in the forest and radiated like the sunrise. She is so beautiful. Thank You for allowing me to experience the warmth of love. Now, I am on my fourth, but Jacob did it for fourteen. I am not complaining about the long wait, the distance I should keep, the feelings I must control, but You know You can always take it away. My life is Yours, and it is okay. I will focus on Your purpose for me and take delight in bringing glory to Your name. You’re my first love, my one true love, my everything. I have no doubt about what I feel. It burns in my chest. I am in love with her. But I just want You to know that it is okay. I trust Your timing, Your plans, Your will, and the revelation once everything is realized. If I am not the one destined to be with her in bringing You glory, if I am not the one who should love her in Your name, If I am not the one who should be crying with her while singing You praise, I just want You to know that in my heart, I would still be smiling. It is okay Lord. You can take it all away. I love her, and just like what I ask in my daily prayer, please make her heart the happiest. That’s all I ask. For her to live a life full of joy and with genuine happiness. I am all in for You Lord. Please take care of the woman I love. She deserves the best in the world. Unto you, O Lord, do I bring my life.

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