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Dear Lord,


My heart is aching for feeling guilty for every negative feeling I’ve got. I never wanted to feel this way. May you forgive me for every negative thought that comes to my mind. May you forgive me for wanting my life to end at times during the most downtimes. May you forgive me for being jealous and selfless. May you forgive me for remembering abandonment traumas and for hurting myself emotionally, every time. May you forgive me if I hurt people unintentionally. May you forgive me for being anxious wherein I almost forget at times that I have you. May you forgive me for being soft to the point I almost fear everything, for being hurt in some smallest things because, at this season of my life, my heart is so fragile. May you forgive me for being sensitive and dramatic because my heart is longing, having insecurities, feeling unsecured, feeling alone and left out, unwanted, and never being enough.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I am mentally and emotionally unstable yet you never abandoned me, instead, you comforted me in ways I never expected.

My time for you is inconsistent and forget you at times, yet you still give me the chance to breathe and live.

I am sincerely writing this to you because I want to be forgiven and release all my worries to you, Lord. You have died for me, yet I am here living in darkness and being vulnerable.

Let me have your love and strength to face the reality and uncertain and be secure enough by you. I am craving for a peaceful life with you.


-Your Child.


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