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To the Brave one.


Good Job! For the past few days you’ve done well. It’s amazing how you handle your stressful days and your sleepless nights. I see how you choose patience and understanding over being short tempered. You know what? I see your confidence today, by standing strong this morning. I see how you are brave enough to face all the challenges of “tomorrow”. As the sun rises you also rise with a new hope painted in your heart and as you greet “good morning” you declared your victory to the world. I’m also seeing your beauty in everything you do. Your hands; on how you use it in giving, your ears; on how you listen to your co-workers, your eyes; on how you look at people with love and oh—your lovely voice, your words are encouragement to other people and what I really like the most is your love for God. I know that every day you struggle just to choose God over everything. You really did a good fight over your desires! Your prayers are like music in the ears of God. Your sacrifice is like an aroma that goes straight to heaven and when you poured out your heart it’s like an offering that could make the Creator’s hand move.

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I know that you are tired and I can see that you are getting weary. As you lose your passion, the “fullness of life” in your eyes came to pass. You feel like you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere that you can’t move. Your purpose became so blurred that you can’t see anymore the clarity on how it began. You lost your Joy yet you are fighting but you are fighting without the reason of “why”.

Rest. I know that is sounds cliché because you thought you’re doing it already. But please, REST AGAIN. Rest, until you regain your life. Cry out, until you find your Joy again. Hold, until it finally let it go. Fight until you surrender. Cover, until you finally let that bruise and wounds unveil. Wander, but don’t wander too long and please.. Make sure to COME BACK HOME.

Come back. Just come back and cling onto your calling again. I’m one of those who witnessed on how you look at those young people before with compassion as if you’re looking at your old self. You guard well your purity for them to save theirs. You share their burdens by simply making time for them. You listen to the shout of their hearts. You never ignore their complaints to this world. You became their light. You showed them their value by demonstrating the work of Jesus on the cross. You tell them how much Jesus loves them because you yourself have experienced how the overflowing love of God works. And your prayer is not just about yourself but to this generation. I see how you love the young generation, I see your desperation for the revival, I see how you fight for them and I will never forget on how you choose to die daily for them to live. so Don’t stop!. Because they need you. Bring it back! Because that is the greatest “why” you need so as to finish the goal. I know that you are tired, I know that just like them you are lost, too broken. That at this point of your life you just want to quit because your strength is gone. Yes, I tell you that it’s okay. it’s okay to feel that way because just like them you are still human and imperfect. That no matter how strong you are or how brave you are, how talented you are and how good you are, you will still fail. Just like the lyrics of the song we hear “even the best fall down sometimes”. So dear, it’s okay. It’s fine to rest. It’s ok  to back out in the fight. It’s ok not to work and decided to go to bed all day long and not do anything. It’s ok to shut the door and to be alone. It’s ok to put that earphone so as not to hear the voices that surrounds you. Just for a while……

Let me share something to you; a revelation from the movie I’ve watched which is entitled the good doctor. While watching it, I noticed that everytime that the surgery went well, the doctor(Mr. Park) always tells the patient “good job”. at first I wonder why? Because typically, we hear those words only from the surgeons who made the operations successful for they were the ones who did all the works and gave their best to save the lives of the patient, but I realized lately…. that the real one who did a good job is not just the surgeons but also the patient himself who fights until the end just to survive. A patient who chooses to hold tight to his/her life to be alive again. That no matter how painful the treatment would be, how hard the process was and how they fear the result of not knowing what might happen next, still they hold on. Dear, I just want you to know that there comes a time that you are the patient, not all the time you are the doctor who treats people to get well. In facing this world you’ll get wounds and bruises that are too deep for you to cure on your own because life is a battle ground and just like those patients who faced the uncertainty of life all you have to do is to embrace the treatment and choose to live again no matter what. Make a tight grip to your life dear because that is what our true Doctor(God) wants; to see that we are desperate to live and seeing that we see our purpose in living. So GOOD JOB my dear! you went through a lot these past years and you’ve done enough. well done! Let’s always remember what Mr. park had said in the last scene “in order to become a good doctor, one needs to have a lot of pain. To understand others’ pain, one must come to an understanding of one’s own pain. So I’m going to feel pain everyday and I think I’ll be okay”. It’s just the same; we decided to feel the pain in order to feel theirs. We decided to be selfless in order to save them. At the end of the day you’re gonna be okay and some day you will be a good doctor also, not literally but a good doctor to every soul.

So for now, just for a while let’s enjoy and be healed to the touch of our great Doctor Jesus

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