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Man, Be Careful

Be careful on how your unexpected late night calls and messages makes her up all night.
Be careful how your updates on your personal life makes her think she needs to be updated so.
Be careful as you send random selfies of yours that makes her think you want to impress her.
Be careful as you ask her for a meal together for she thinks it is something beyond a casual eat-out.
Be careful with the questions you ask about her life especially those pertaining to what her parents think about you.
Be careful with the boyfriend jokes you throw at her for she might think it as half-meant.
Be careful with your words of caring and encouragement for her because it makes her heart beat.
Be careful for every constructive criticism she takes from you because she hasn’t receive such from any other guy.
Be careful with your glances and stares at her for it makes her think your eyes tell something.
Be careful as you tell her the details of your ideal woman as she matches herself to it, dances in joy for every match and improves herself for every mismatch.
Be careful with your gentle gestures and actions towards her for it makes her feel special.
Be careful when you’re with her because she feels different among the other ladies around.

Be careful for she thinks about those things which are merely thoughts without clarity.
Be careful for she longs for your presence.
Be careful for she always thinks about you.
Be careful for she answers the questions of her family about you with uncertainty.
Be careful for she tells her friends about you.
Be careful for she slowly falls for you.
Be careful for she starts asking God through prayers if you’re the one already.
Be careful for she hopes to herself that you will pursue her.
Be careful for you awaken the sleeping love soul of hers.
Be careful for you have almost intruded her before well-guarded heart.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Be careful as she finds out you do the same with other ladies.
Be careful as she realizes she already fell for you and it’s too late now.
Be careful as she regrets assuming, thinking not giving those words and actions meaning will make her numb and senseless.
Be careful as she cries herself to sleep at night.

Be careful for when such happens, she will move on from those false hopes you built on her.
She puts limits on her interactions with you.
She closes the door of chances for the both of you.
She cuts down all those dreams and plans she had in mind with you.
She learns from it.
She guards her heart again, now better and stronger, enough for you not to easily intrude again.

So man, be careful.

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