Marriage is Ugly


Marriage is ugly

When I was young and ideal, I thought marriage is whimsical and beautiful. Then, I discovered it’s not. It’s actually ugly on all fronts. 

You see, the moment you stepped into this lifetime of a commitment, there is not one day that you will not discover the ugly truths of marriage—from the tiniest things to the most significant decisions that you and your spouse will ever have to deal with. 

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It is when you get fed up after your husband repeatedly forgets to return the toothpaste to where it was taken from or when you wouldn’t eat just because you’re too emotionally pent up that would make you realize that marriage isn’t for everyone.

It’s not. It is a daily battle.

And it’s so ironic that two weak and completely different people would even dare to jump into this kind of thing, not knowing about the realities of life in the truest sense, but in most cases, survive for years.

Marriage is ugly. 

And if you want to make it beautiful, you both need to work for it. It is like a small piece of a lot that you envision to turn into a flourishing garden. It wouldn’t turn into how you intend it to be unless you do a lot of plowing and gardening—everyday.

This commitment is not just about looking forward and hoping that everything will be better soon. But it is more about deciding for and choosing each other no matter what, and by “what,” it means hanging on in your ups and downs. 

Marriage is ugly. But it is with every won battle, humbled hearts, healed feelings, re-kindled love, fought temptation, and prevailed struggles that make it truly and agelessly beautiful.

Disclaimer: No judgment to those who got out of it for serious reasons.










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